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Does this look really cool? This is not back to the Middle Ages. It is cosplay of Trinity Blood Abel Nightroad. Do you also want to get that look? Then here comes Trinity Blood Abel Nightroad Cosplay Costume in details.

Carrying the weapon, Abel Nightroad wear the black and white gown, styled like the wearing of the Middle Ages. The long white scarf detailed with cross-shaped prints on the end is spotted. White wigs spice up the vivid look.

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Here Abel Nightroad wields guns! Black gowns with white details, as well as white scarf are seen. The absent-minded pale expressions give some hints for the truth of vampires. It would be really a fun adventure to make this fictional role come true!

Do you get exciting about this, a complicated role with very cool look? Or you are just searching ways to steal the cosplay show? Then here I have found Trinity Blood Abel Nightroad Cosplay Costume at cheap prices and fine in details. Check it our below:

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Are you tracing the way of Icon Fortuna in Trinity blood? Probably you are the experienced cosplayers of Ion Fortuna for years! Whether you are the new or sophisticated about Trinity Blood Ion Fortuna Cosplay Costume, here these ethereal visions of Icon Fortuna will dazzle your eyes.

Ion Fortuna dons his black and white gowns with gold linear decorations in the front from the collar all the way down to the hem. Both the white gown and the black gown outside come in the same way-linear golden ornaments to outlines the body shape! Along with blue sash wrapping the waist, and the same themed blue headgear, Ion Fortuna completes his vibrant look!

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More details are also found fine on the Ion Fortuna costume. The white long sleeves are transformed into ruffles by a light colored stripe for more elegant touch. With the silt down from the waistline of the white gown, Ion Fortuna gets more style for the look. The slouchy untied black gown adds an air of gentility to play up his look!

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Trinity Blood Cosplay Video from Anime Wasabi 2008

Songs are Cascada~ Castles in the Sky
Trinity Blood ~ Let me Hear

we just collect some Trinity Blood Cosplay photos from some cosplayers worldwide, you can find really good ideas from how to cosplay Trinity Blood , just check them below :